A christening is a special celebration in any child’s life. If you’re planning a ceremony for your son, you might be wondering what kind of christening outfit is best for a boy. Should you go for a traditional ensemble for your baby boy or something a little more contemporary? 

Here’s some style inspiration to help you decide on the perfect outfit.


What colour should a boy’s christening outfit be?

Traditionally, babies wear white to their christening. White represents purity and innocence, reflecting how the child being christened is free from sin. 

Nowadays, however, many parents choose to dress their baby in cream or light pastel shades. Often, girls wear pale pink accessories, while boys’ christening outfits might be accented with a soft blue colour.


Christening outfit ideas for boys

When it comes to choosing a christening outfit, there are lots of styles to explore. Whether you keep things classic with a long gown or go for something more modern, choose an outfit that will keep your baby comfortable during their ceremony. 


1. A traditional christening gown

Traditional christening gowns are long garments designed to mirror the gown Jesus wore. They usually reach the child’s ankles or cover their feet completely and are made from white fabric to symbolise angels in heaven.

A christening gown is a lovely outfit choice for both girls and boys. You can find plain, elegant designs or embellished gowns. 


2. A christening suit

Another popular christening outfit for boys is a suit. Usually crafted from white or ivory fabric, these consist of trousers and a shirt with a waistcoat and matching tie. 

At New Generations, we have an array of christening suits, including one with a blue brocade waistcoat, complete with adorable fabric-covered buttons.

A christening suit is also an excellent choice for toddlers or older children.


3. A sailor-style romper

Christening rompers are often available in luxurious silk or satin. Featuring pleated, nautical-style knickers and a broad collar, they’re a very sweet choice for babies of all ages. Many are paired with a bonnet. As with christening suits, boys’ christening romper outfits are usually white or ivory, with blue detailing.


4. A tuxedo-style romper

Tuxedo rompers are a nice balance between a cute sailor outfit and a more formal suit. Rather than being made up of separate garments, like a christening suit, these rompers bring together a tuxedo-style top (often including a bow tie) with loose-fitting shorts or bloomers. 

This type of boys’ christening outfit is handy for getting a sophisticated look in a one-piece. 


5. Christening outfit accessories

Whether you go for a suit or a romper, adding some accessories can really give your baby boy christening outfit the finishing touch. 

Babies may benefit from a shawl, blanket, or cardigan if the weather is cold. A hat or bib can also add to the look and provide practicality. If your baby or toddler is crawling or walking, you may also like to top their christening outfit off with a pair of shoes or booties.


What about boys’ christening guest outfits?

Perhaps you and your family are attending a loved one’s christening and you’re not sure what to dress your son in. As with many other church ceremonies, baptisms and christenings generally carry a formal dress code. 

Shirts and suit trousers are a good base, and you can always add a waistcoat and jacket — particularly when attending a christening in the winter. Why not top the outfit off with a smart pair of shoes and a tie or dickie bow? 

Explore our range of boys’ suits and occasionwear for more options.


Christening outfits from New Generations

As experienced stockists of christening outfits for both girls and boys, we have an extensive range of garments to choose from. Whatever style or fabric you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal option at our shop in Dublin. Pop in to see the full collection.