Confirmation is an important milestone in your daughter’s life. It’s the day when the bond between your child and the church is recognised, giving confirmation dresses a special symbolism.

Finding the perfect dress helps put the finishing touch to her special day, so here’s our essential buying guide to help you get it right the first time.

Consult your church

Before you start to shortlist confirmation dresses, begin by consulting your church. Some churches have stricter rules than others, so you can save yourself time and money by finding out what confirmation dresses are approved of by your church. As a general rule of thumb, for example, skirts should be knee-length and no shorter.

Generally speaking, sticking to styles that are simple, modest and elegant should please everybody.

Talk to your daughter

The perfect confirmation dress is an essential part of this rite of passage. That’s why you should discuss the style, length and colour with your daughter and encourage her to express her own style.

Then, you can make sure she considers all the other factors in choosing an appropriate dress. But, of course, on such a milestone occasion, the most important thing is that she likes her choice of outfit.

For example, a white dress is considered traditional because of its association with purity. But your daughter might prefer a blush pink or champagne dress or a bolder choice like burgundy or navy to reflect her personality.

Consider comfort and style

Your daughter’s confirmation dress might not be quite as important as her first communion dress. Still, it’s important that she feels comfortable and stylish. At the time of the ceremony, she’ll be in her early teens, so take a step up in style with a stunning dress that reflects her newfound maturity.

It’s also vital that your daughter feels comfortable, especially if you’re celebrating after the ceremony. Hence, her outfit needs to carry her through the day. Fit is essential, so take careful measurements and use our sizing chart as a guide. It’s worth buying a style your daughter loves because a beautiful yet practical special occasion dress is an excellent addition to any teenage girl’s wardrobe.

Modesty is key

Modesty is one of the critical considerations when choosing your daughter’s confirmation dress. Of course, the preferred choice would be a longer length dress with long sleeves. But that doesn’t mean you need to avoid sleeveless dresses, which she can accessorise with a cute jacket or cardigan.

Remember, Confirmation is a formal occasion so remember to be on the side of caution to avoid any wardrobe mishaps.

Keep accessories simple

Apart from a cover-up for a sleeveless dress, accessories should be kept simple, particularly if the dress is heavily embellished with beads or lace. If you both love a classic and elegant style, a standout piece of jewellery will add pizzazz. Otherwise, a simple posy of flowers, white gloves, or a delicate veil will set the dress off to perfection.

Take your time

Our last piece of advice is not to leave shopping for confirmation dresses to the last minute. Instead, once you and your daughter have decided on a look you both love, get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help. By leaving enough time and being well prepared, finding the ideal dress can be a memory for you both to treasure.

Contact New Generations

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