When attending special events such as christenings, weddings, or a confirmation ceremony, it can sometimes be tricky knowing whether to take a gift. If you’re due to be a guest at a loved one’s confirmation, here’s everything you need to know about gift etiquette.


Should I take a gift to a confirmation ceremony?

A confirmation ceremony is a very special occasion in a young person’s life. It is a celebration of their faith and symbolises that they are now a fully-fledged member of the church. As with many church observances, it can be a nice idea to offer a gift for the confirmand to mark the significant occasion. 

If you are attending a friend’s confirmation ceremony, a gift won’t be expected but it is a nice gesture. You may decide to give a card rather than a gift, in which case, it’s a good idea to write a personalised message to express your best wishes.

If you are a Godparent or Confirmation sponsor, you’ll have a responsibility to support and guide the confirmand through life. A confirmation sponsor will usually offer a gift at a confirmation ceremony, as will close family members.


Should I give money as a confirmation gift? 

Some people like to offer a monetary gift or make a charitable donation in the confirmand’s name. It’s up to you how much you offer, but many people choose to give between €20 and €50. 

However, others feel that a small gift, often with a religious element, is best for a confirmation ceremony.


Confirmation gift ideas for friends and family

In most cases, the guest of honour at a confirmation ceremony will be a teenager. As such, you want to make sure that your gift is age-appropriate and something that a young person will appreciate. 

You might like to choose a gift that the confirmand will be able to keep forever — something that they can look back on in years to come as a reminder of their confirmation ceremony and their faith. Having said that, a bouquet of beautiful flowers is also sure to be appreciated. Perhaps you could present the recipient with a small posy of fresh flowers alongside a keepsake token.



Jewellery items, such as a pendant or bracelet with a cross on are popular, as are necklaces with St Christopher engravings. You could consider personalising jewellery by getting your loved one’s name etched on the back. These make especially nice gifts for young women. 

If you’re attending a boy’s confirmation ceremony, you might consider a watch or nice set of cufflinks. You may also be able to find a bespoke pocket watch for a truly unique gift


A photo frame

Another popular confirmation gift is a photo frame. This is a lovely present as the confirmand can add in a photo from their confirmation ceremony to display and reflect on. There are plenty of specially designed confirmation frames available, often with bible verse detailing. Again, you could opt for a personalised frame to add an extra special touch. 


A keepsake box

A small jewellery box or keepsake box also makes a thoughtful confirmation gift. Not only do these have aesthetic charm, but they also offer safe space for the child to store their other confirmation gifts. Again, a personalised keepsake box will add an extra touch that the confirmand is sure to appreciate.


A bookmark

If you’re looking for a small and affordable (but still very thoughtful gift), a bookmark could be a great confirmation present. A bookmark decorated with the confirmand’s favourite bible passage or a poem is a good option.


Homemade gifts

Perhaps you’d like to craft or make a gift to take to your loved one’s confirmation ceremony. This can be a thoughtful gesture that also keeps spending down. From an embroidered cross to a commemorative cushion cover, you may wish to get creative and put your own spin on a confirmation gift. 


Do parents buy gifts for their child’s sponsor?

As the parent of a confirmand, you may wonder whether to get a gift for your child’s confirmation sponsor. Many parents choose to get a small present as a token of thanks for the support the sponsor offers. Jewellery or a personalised keyring can make a lovely sponsor gift, as can a glass or mug with a bespoke message.


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