For many brides, choosing the wedding colours is the most difficult decision to make. And once you decide on your colour palette, there are hundreds of different shades to choose from. We’ve put together our favourite ideas for choosing your perfect palette plus our choice of five flower dress colours you’ll love!

The flower girl tradition

Did you know the flower girl tradition dates back to the Roman Empire? She represents innocence and purity, everything the bride will leave behind when she’s married.

It’s why the flower girl is sometimes dressed like a mini version of the bride, although nowadays her flower dress is usually something special that she’ll remember always.

Choosing your flower dress colours

After you and your bridesmaids, your flower girls are one of the centres of attention on the wedding day. So their dresses need to integrate seamlessly with your overall wedding theme.

When it comes to choosing colours, these tips should help you narrow down your choice:

  • Take inspiration from the venue. If you’re getting married outside then, soft greens and petal shades look beautiful. If the event is indoors, make sure your wedding colours blend effortlessly.
  • Your personal style will influence your choice of colours. For example, if you love minimalist chic, steer clear of bright, bold colours.
  • If you’re not wearing white, your flower dresses need to present a tasteful contrast or harmonious balance of colours to your dress.
  • Pin it! Create a Pinterest mood board to see what colours emerge from your wedding inspiration.
  • Be mindful of different skin tones when picking coloured flower dresses. You don’t want your flower girls to look flushed, washed out or uncomfortable.
  • Opt for multiple shades of the same colour palette. Ombre has been a trend for a few years now, and you could replicate it with dresses in different tones of the same base colour.

Our top five flower dress colours


The traditional colour for brides and their flower girls, white, is a beautiful choice and will make any flower girl feel special. In addition, it’s a blank canvas, allowing you to accessorise your flower girls with your wedding colours, in the form of a sash, bow or jacket.

White or cream is a classic choice that’s easy to elevate with beautiful accessories. In addition, it coordinates beautifully with your bridal gown. So try picking a standout feature from your dress and replicating it on your flower girl dresses.


From blush to fuchsia, pink is another popular choice. Choose a tea-length pale pink dress, and your flower girls will feel like princesses. But, if you prefer something more striking, choose a hot pink that’s the essence of romance — and don’t forget the rose petals!


Another popular choice for flower girl dresses, blue symbolises tranquillity and harmony. Choose a sky blue for your outdoor wedding or an ice blue for a stunning winter ceremony. Navy blue is a stylish and elegant choice for a sophisticated urban vibe.


Not so much a colour as an exquisite design feature for a statement dress. Choose a flower dress with glittering embellishments, and your young flower girls will feel like the queen of the ball. Subtle metallics make any dress pop, adding extra pizzazz to a dress your flower girls will treasure.

Rose gold

Combining luxury and romance, rose gold is a modern choice with old fashioned glamour. It’s a colour that lights up any flower girl’s face with a hint of golden radiance. And it adds a touch of luxe femininity that every little girl will love.

Once you’ve decided on your flower dress colour, get in touch with us, and we’ll make your special day beautiful!