Your daughter’s confirmation is a memory you’ll always treasure. Once you’ve picked a stunning confirmation dress, it’s time to think about elevating her look. Beautiful jewellery, shoes and hair accessories combine to create an unforgettable outfit.

Confirmation dresses are the ultimate in children’s occasion wear. So, any accessories must be carefully chosen so as not to detract. Take your cue from the colour and style for accessories that enhance the look without overwhelming it. One or two well-chosen items will express your daughter’s flair and personality while still staying true to the spirit of the occasion.

Here’s how to accessorise confirmation dresses to showcase your daughter’s unique style.

Cover up in style

Modesty is a crucial consideration when thinking about a confirmation dress code — but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid sleeveless confirmation dresses. A semi-formal jacket, cardigan or neat bolero can all make the perfect finishing touch for your outfit.

Younger girls look adorable in a cute little knit or satin bolero. Their cover-up can be colour-matched to the dress or a plain white to symbolise the purity of the occasion. Your older daughter may like a style that can be worn again, so look for elevated fabrics and embellishments. A denim jacket with lace and pearl adornments is a stylish cover-up that can be worn again for parties and weddings.

Add subtle bling

A subtle piece of jewellery is a stylish confirmation gift. It’s also a way for your daughter to add her own unique personality to her outfit.

Confirmation is a day never to be forgotten. So mark the occasion with her first pair of grown-up earrings or a beautiful necklace and matching bracelet. Jewellery is a gift beyond price. Every time she wears it, your daughter will remember the occasion and your support on her journey.

A cross pendant or pearl bracelet is a timeless gift that accessorises any outfit. Or choose a pair of subtle diamond studs to match her dress for a sophisticated look.

Feet first

Shoes are another way to showcase your daughter’s personality. Your choice should be formal but not too adult. A low heel or pair of ballet flats is an appropriate and comfortable choice for younger girls. A pair of strappy ballerinas with bead embellishments and a matching bag will make young confirmands feel suitably grown-up!

Older girls might like a more aesthetic flat shoe or kitten heel. The trick is to wear them as much as possible for two or three days running up to your confirmation. Consider adding cushioned inserts for extra comfort and carry a comfortable pair of flats for after church.

Hairstyle with flair

One of the most meaningful moments in the confirmation rite comes when your daughter is anointed with chrism. Therefore, she’ll need to style her hair to be swept off her face. A stunning hair accessory can keep everything neat and tidy while adding extra pizzazz to her overall look.

Your young daughter will love a chic circlet of beaded flowers woven through her hair. Otherwise, use pretty clips, bows or headbands to keep the hair out of her face. Older girls can opt for a chic updo held in place by decorated pins or a comb. Try matching any decorations to the embellishments and colour of her dress for a classic, pulled-together look.

Confirmation dresses from New Generations

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