A confirmation ceremony is a special occasion in a young person’s life. It symbolises the special, life-long bond between your child and the church. As well as being a significant custom, it is also a time of celebration — and a beautiful confirmation dress or outfit can make it even more memorable. Whether you’re looking for confirmation dresses for your child to wear to their own ceremony or a stylish ensemble to wear to a loved one’s, here’s all you need to know about confirmation dress codes.


Confirmation dresses and outfits

Are you searching for an outfit for your child’s confirmation ceremony? In the past, there were more restrictions on what was considered appropriate attire for a confirmation ceremony. However, nowadays young men and women tend to have a little more freedom. 

In general, the dress code for a confirmation is modest and semi-formal — think: timeless elegance. Some churches may have slightly stricter guidelines than others, so if you have any questions or concerns, they’ll be able to offer you advice.


Confirmation outfits for girls

Most churches ask that confirmation dresses are not low cut or too form-fitting and are at least knee length. Some may also ask that girls and young women cover their shoulders. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a sleeveless dress, however. At New Generations, we have a variety of sophisticated, short-sleeved confirmation dresses that pair beautifully with a jacket or cardigan.

What about colour? The traditional colour for a confirmation dress is white, representing purity. However, modern confirmands may prefer to go for something brighter. From powder blue and blush shades to peacock blue and vibrant reds, we have an array of contemporary colours to choose from. We also have a selection of gorgeous fabrics, including satin, tulle, and delicate lace.

It’s best to keep accessories understated — a pair of gloves or a chic necklace can add the final touch to confirmation dresses. Most churches will ask that no piercings are visible other than a pair of earrings. It’s also a good idea to make sure the confirmand’s hair is swept or tied back so they can receive the chrism (holy oil) anointment on their forehead.


Confirmation outfits for boys

If your son is looking for a confirmation outfit, then a suit is ideal. Boys and young men will need to look tidy and presentable, with a semi-formal dress code. A formal tuxedo is not necessary, but it’s also best to avoid trainers, jeans, t-shirts, baggy trousers, and polo shorts. 

A red tie was once the customary accessory for young men at confirmation, as this is the liturgical colour for Confirmation. However, these days there’s more choice and freedom available.

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What to wear as a guest to a confirmation ceremony

Are you attending your child’s confirmation ceremony or that of another family member? This can be a lovely chance for you to dress up, too! 

Essentially, you’ll want to follow a similar dress code to the confirmand — modest, elegant, and semi-formal. Women may wish to wear occasion dresses but a structured jumpsuit or stylish skirt and jacket combo can also be suitable. 

For men, a pair of chinos or suit trousers with a blazer can be a nice ensemble.


Confirmation dresses from New Generations

Whether it’s an outfit for your child’s confirmation ceremony or accoutrements for yourself, you can enjoy a little creative freedom nowadays. For a selection of contemporary confirmation dresses and suits that retain the essence of a traditional confirmation dress code, look no further than New Generations

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